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The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation

Conceived in 2014 – after the passage of the Farm Bill signed by President Obama – and incorporated in 2015, the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation (IHRF) works to ensure the re-establishment of Industrial Hemp into the U.S. market and the economy.

The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting industrial hemp research programs at institutions of higher learning and education in Colorado and universities across America.

The IHRF provides financial support for industrial hemp-related research programs at the largest academic institutes in the state of Colorado with plans to expand nationwide in 2017.

Their efforts are aimed at increasing the body of knowledge and raising public awareness of the many known and potential applications of industrial hemp.

And the purpose of all this is to improve living standards, create jobs, safeguard the environment and enhance the quality of life for all people.

The IHRF Team

Thomas “Tom” Dermody, Executive Director

Tom Dermody serves as the Executive Director of the Industrial Hemp Research Foundation. Prior to joining the IHRF, Tom worked for DC-based agricultural non-profits in various development and policy analyst capacities. With a keen interest in normalizing public-private partnerships made possible by the 2014 Farm Bill, Mr. Dermody directs IHRF’s university engagement, project design and fulfillment processes.

David B. Bush, Esq., President, Secretary, Board Member, Co-founder

David practices business law and commercial litigation, with a particular focus on industrial hemp-related agriculture, industry and market success.

Melanie Rodgers, Community Engagement Director

Melanie is a marketing professional with 10+ years of advertising, marketing and communications experience in CPG, healthcare, and the non-profit cannabis sector. Melanie’s focus is on expanding the IHRF’s branding and outreach strategy, marketing communications, advance donor recognition, and the management of special events.

To learn more about the IHRF’s Board of Directors, please visit:

Current Events

On Friday, June 9th, we will be hosting a fun, educational fundraising event to raise public awareness of hemp and its uses. Learn about the latest in hemp research.

Enjoy tapas from Cafe Aion’s world class kitchen, a complimentary drink ticket for beer, wine, sangria, amazing raffle prizes, hemp education, hemp research update, networking and live music from Pistols & Petticoats!

Your ticket also includes entry into a raffle for your chance to win hemptastic giveaways from our local and national Hemp History Week sponsors!

Grateful Hearts Unite for Hemp
Friday, June 9th at 2:30-5pm
Cafe Aion, 1235 Pennsylvania Ave.
Boulder, CO 80302
 just steps away from Folsom Field (0.2 miles!)

Current Projects

A Brave New World: The SOMA Project

Research Lead: Monika Fleshner, Ph.D. – University of Colorado – Boulder, CO

Professor Monika Fleshner proposes to study the effects of administering controlled dosages of CBD to treat symptoms of stress induced in laboratory test animals, and to determine whether CBD can improve the rate of recovery after experiencing stress.

Hemp Value Chain and Innovation Potential

Research Lead: Dr. Gregory Graff, Assoc. Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics – CSU – Ft. Collins, CO

This project seeks to analyze the economic potential of industrial hemp in the United States, taking a value chain perspective of the industry within the global market context. It will proceed in three steps:

  1. Economic Model of the Industrial Hemp Value Chain
  2. Assess Competitiveness and Growth Potential in Key Segments of the Value Chain

How You Can Help

The Foundation relies upon the generous contributions of individuals and businesses throughout Colorado and across the United States to achieve our project support goals.

The Future of Hemp in America

The IHRF researches every funded project to vet each one for research value, academic validity and ultimate benefit to the projected market or use case it is proposed for.

The whole team shares a passion for returning Industrial Hemp as a viable and trade-able commodity in the United States, once again.

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