Colorado at the 2017 Hemp Industries Conference!

HIA 2017 Award Winners

The 24th Annual Hemp Industries Association
I had the great fortune to attend the 24th Annual Hemp Industries Association from September 7th- 11th in Lexington KY. It was an amazing weekend jam packed with meetings, events, awards and industry updates. Industrial Hemp in Colorado and COHIA were well represented with Board members; Tim Gordan, Rick Trojan, David Bush, Margaret Mackenzie. 11 vendors almost one-third were also from Colorado. Here are some highlights.

State of Industrial Hemp
9 State HIA Chapters: Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, West Virginia.
18 states are growing Hemp equaling 19,577 Acres
US Production: 55% CBD, Seed 30%, Fiber 15%

What to watch for in 2018
-USDA, FDA, DEA Statement of Policy for Industrial Hemp
-HIA, Hoban vs DEA oral arguments
– House Bill 3530 – Representative Comer– amends controlled substance act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana (needs a Senate Bill)
-Farm bill 2018

Future of the Hemp Industry – Sean Murphy (Hemp Business Journal)
Leap frog other industries to replace market share in the future
– renewable, reusable and adaptive products
Look at the history of other emerging markets and industries
-The Insurance industry (we’re healthier, our buildings are less likely to burn… etc)
Next Steps:
-Small baby steps: design simple products
-Design products that leap frog other technologies
-Predict when the industry will be capable of delivering the product
-Create standards and develop an industry contract
-Collaborate with the hemp industry to avoid bottlenecks
-History – learn about other industries
-Bring the people with you – develop customers and keep the message clear to work together!
-Additional processing opportunities- fiber should be processed within 50 miles of production

Hemp Round table and SRO (Self Regulating Organization)
The HIA has formed a working group to put forth standards and regulations for the Hemp Industry Nationally. The first draft was presented at the conference with plans for a completed framework by 2019. The next step after that is to determine whether the governing body would be a nonprofit organization. An example is the LOHAS Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (regulatory body for health and wellness industry). Watch for opportunities for members to provide feedback on the Standards and Regulations to the HIA round table.
Three segments of Standards
-service providers
Three phases
-basic draft is introduced at the HIA Conference
-third and final draft is planned for August 2019

HIA Awards:
Hemp Event of the Year – NoCo Hemp Expo – Morris Beegle (Colorado Hemp Co)
2017 HIA Leadership Award – Hoban Law Group – Bob Hoban
the Lifetime Achievement Award – Shaun Crew (Fresh Hemp Foods)

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