Board Members

Tim Gordan – President

Tim’s top 3 priorities:

  1. Create a SRO (self regulatory org) for the multiple swim lanes under hemp production – this would be industry leading and needed.
  2. Focus on farmer needs and intent for the future of hemp farming.
  3. Create avenues of revenue for the trade assoc via focused content of
    interest from the industry.
  4. Represent the hemp industry as a state leader on the national platform

“I am a passionate hemp activist with focused intent on doing; rather than talking or wishing. It is my goal to lead the hemp industry into further fruition under solid legislative backing, industry involvement and fiscal responsibilities. Education and involvement are the key aspects to organizational momentum for the hemp industry.”

Current Affiliations:

  • CEO at CBDRx Hemp Farms
  • Hemp Industry Assoc- Sponsor/Member – Cannabinoid Advisor
  • National Hemp Association – Technical Advisory Board
  • Washington Hemp Coalition – Member, Advisor
  • International Hemp Solutions – Principal

Bethleen McCall – Vice President

Bethleen’s top 3 priorities:

  1. Work with the state legislature and agencies to implement policies that progress Colorado’s industrial hemp industry. A specific area of focus should be to change the THC testing protocol to more accurately reflect what is happening in the field. Thus, providing a greater level of certainty to producers and processors whom rely on dependable yields. 
  2. The Colorado HIA chapter should be a reliable source of information for all members as well as the public with information ranging from agronomy to investing. A key component of this would include creation of a speakers’ bureau. 
  3. Develop a strategic plan for Colorado’s hemp industry with a focus on economic development needs and opportunities related to processing, manufacturing and distribution.

Bethleen McCall was raised on a small farm in Northeastern Colorado. She is currently the Executive Director of the Yuma Conservation District working directly with agricultural producers to implement research, education and incentive programs in partnership with state and federal agencies to conserve natural resources. McCall also serves her community in other capacities including as a City Councilwoman for the City of Yuma, Co-Founder of the Colorado Agriculture Preservation Association and Great Plains Hemp Cooperative, Co-Chair of the Government & Funder Engagement Committee for Northeast Rural Philanthropy Days and as a board member of the Colorado Municipal League Policy Committee, Yuma County Water Authority and Yuma County Economic Development Corporation.

Christy Thiel – Secretary

Christy’s top 3 priorities:

  1. Education (local, state and national levels)
  2. Community outreach, events, education
  3. Organization, treasurer, infrastructure.

Christy is a Nutrition Therapist with over a decade of professional experience. Since she started using CBD in her practice and teaching other Health and Medical Professionals how to – has witnessed health benefits that could only concur with cannabis use, specifically CBD from hemp.

Her first exposure was through learning and utilizing its anti-cancer benefits. Since then, with the understanding and growing research of the endocannabinoid systems receptors, has since expanded her practice to predominantly CBD education for other health care professionals, clients and small groups. She believes cannabis is an essential nutrient.

Christy embraces that the body believes what ‘information’ you give it. When it’s nourished; weather through food, movement, rest, thoughts or cannabis – it’s desired state is balance. The endocannabinoid system is the missing link in most health practices and programs. She would like to contribute to the expansion, awareness and healing of this through the mindfulness and applications of hemp.

Christy’s attendance within the HIA would be to grow and expand our presence, maintain structure & integrity, and contribute to public, political, and industrial standards and growth.

Margaret Richardson

Margaret’s top 3 priorities :

  1. To listen to the needs of farmers on the Western Slope, address issues that we have here, as they differ slightly from the Front Range.
  2. I am committed to bringing reliable, affordable processing for all parts of the hemp plant to the Western Slope.
  3. Continue to work on acquiring stable, desired genetics.

Garret Graff 

Garrett’s top 3 priorities:

  1. Helping to shape sensible, industry-friendly public policy.
  2. Assisting in developing the industry to include all applications of the plant — both oil- and fiber-based, and continue to increase interest, demand, planting and product development.
  3. Work for Colorado to maintain its role as the industry leader and model for other states

Rick Trojan

Ricks’s top 3 priorities:

  1. Gain recognition for Colorado hemp (companies, leaders, and products).
  2. Provide a viable and effective lobby against hemp haters (in state legislator).
  3. Promote hemp in general and broaden Colorado’s manufacturing capacity and expertise.

Kristen Kunau

Kristens’s top 3 priorities:

  1. As a working board member I will be dedicated to supporting the mission of the HIA and representing the people, including small hemp farmers in Colorado.
  2. As a board member, I would like to work on creating an open dialogue between the members and the association as we all work together to help create and maintain industry standards.
  3. To make changes and and to move the hemp industry forward we must educate. Educating the community on why hemp is great and why Colorado Hemp is the best is a priority.

Caren Kershner

Caren’s top 3 priorities:

  1. Continue educational outreach throughout Colorado and neigboring states.
  2. Continue research on the performance of various HI cultivars throughout Colorado’s assorted microbiomes. In addition to performance, I will also continue to investigate what techniques are most effective for reducing cross pollination among cannabis subspecies, a primary focus of my research.
  3. Continue to work with individual farmers to determine appropriate cultivars, develop markets, maximize yields, and reduce pests in an earth-friendly manner.

Richard Becks

Rick’s top 3 priorities:

  1. The economic potential of Hemp and the impact on the State of Colorado.
  2. Hemp’s role re-invigorating of small and mid sized farming on our state.
  3. Monitoring, regulation and enforcement of rules pertaining to cannabanoid content in hemp derived products.  Sampling, testing and self-reporting.

Staff Members

Hunter Buffington

Hunter Buffington is the Executive Director of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association and the owner of Sauce Promotions and Productions.  As a consultant she has been working with municipal and
state based organizations to achieve sustainable development that includes economic, environmental and social benefits for over a decade. In doing this work Hunter has led grassroots efforts to change public policy and develop messaging and public outreach campaigns on social enterprise and conservation. Hunter has also assisted organizations and individuals to achieve their recognition as a tax exempt organization; specializing in non-profit development that leverages social enterprises that benefit both the planet and people.

Hunter is excited to work on building the industrial hemp movement with a focus on supporting entrepreneurs and farmers while bringing new markets and technologies to fruition. As Executive Director she works for the members of COHIA to give them a voice in the future of hemp. “I believe by celebrating enterprise, capitalizing relationships and working together, we can change our world for the better. Industrial Hemp is the realization of that opportunity.”