Thank you to all of our members who sent an email or called their Colorado Representatives about Hemp Water!

We are happy to announce that SB17-117, or “Recognize Industrial Hemp Agricultural Product For Agricultural Water Right,” passed the House Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources Committee by a unanimous vote of 12-0 on April 17th. It will now be sent to the House Floor for a full vote, where we will hopefully see the same bi-partisan support that we saw in the Senate, where it has already passed 34-1. We will continue to keep you updated on the bills progress!



The Colorado Hemp Industry needs to let our House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee @COAgComm know that we want them to vote YES on SB17-117. This bill will allow Colorado Hemp farmers to access water rights on their own land and property without federal interference! SB17-117 was introduced today and is on the schedule for discussion next Monday. Please reach out to your House Committee members and ask them to support Colorado Farmers and Industrial Hemp.

Please copy and paste the form letter below and email your representatives before Monday April 17th!

Subject Line: Please Vote YES on SB17-117

Hello House Representative ….,

My name is and I live in …, Colorado. I am writing to ask you to vote YES on Senate bill 117 (SB17-117).

I support the industrial hemp movement in Colorado that has allowed farmers, processors, nutraceuticals and green tech to become an economic force in our state.  I am writing as a supporter/farmer/processor/etc. in the Colorado Hemp Industry to encourage the passing of SB17-117.

A “yes” vote will ensure Colorado hemp farmers ability to access their water rights without interference or oversight of the federal government.

Passing this bill will also be consistent with the omnibus bill, federal Congressional policy allowing the hemp industry in Colorado to flourish.  We appreciate your support and ask that as a member of the House of Representatives; Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee that you pass SB17-117 to allow the Colorado Hemp Industry to continue to grow.


Your name
Your address


Most current version of bill:


SB17-109 Industrial Hemp Animal Feed
The bill creates a group under the commissioner of agriculture to study the feasibility of including hemp products in animal feed. The group includes a hemp producer, a hemp processor, a legal expert, a person from an institution of higher education who has studied hemp policy, a veterinarian, a livestock producer, and any other person the commissioner determines would facilitate understanding the legal, practical, or business considerations. The group will make recommendations by December 31, 2017.
It cleared the Senate with 34 Ayes.

March 10th third reading occurred and it is now headed for the Governors desk.

Most current version of bill:

HB17-1148 Registration Of Industrial Hemp Cultivators
The bill adds a requirement that applicants to cultivate industrial hemp for commercial purposes provide the names of each officer, director, member, partner, or owner of 10% or more in the entity applying for registration and any person managing or controlling the entity. Applicants for a registration may be denied registration for up to 3 years if any individual or entity listed in the application was previously subject to discipline, or the individual or entity was previously listed by an entity that was subject to discipline. When a registration is suspended, revoked, or relinquished, a new application for registration may be denied for up to 3 years after the effective date of discipline.
2/21 it cleared the House 62 Ayes & 1 No, 3/9 it passed the Senate Ag Committee. The only action left is 2nd & 3rd reading of the Senate

Most current version of bill: