Hemp Feed Coalition

The Hemp Feed Coalition is a diverse set of stakeholders whose mission is to increase agricultural markets and the hemp industry’s market specifically by shepherding hemp grain products though the FAP (Food Additive Petition) process with the FDA-Center for Veterinary Medicine.



-Filing to benefit entire industry/farmers: not specific company’s products

-The Steering Committee is a coalition

-facilitated by COHIA (Colorado Hemp Industries Association)

-General applications for wholesale animal feed will include:

  • seed,
  • seed cake
  • seed oil

Overview of HFC Activities

1. Conduct industry outreach and education
2. Organize and compile research:
a. completed studies
b. in process
c. proposed
3. Identify qualified feed suppliers/set minimum standard nutritional value
4. Fundraise to meet financial costs of completion and approval of the FAP
5. FAP prep/evaluation
6. Response to eval- coordinate missing pieces/studies
7. Apply for easy targets -companion, chicken
8. Apply for new species once a body of data is compiled



History of the Hemp Feed Coalition

The Hemp Feed Coalition was continued from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, 2017 Hemp in Animal Feed study. Upon the studies completion a core group of stakeholders representing 12 different states came together to form a coalition to complete the Feed Additive Petition for the benefit of the Hemp industry as a whole.

View the Colorado Department of Agriculture final report on Hemp in Animal Feed by clicking here


Coalition Members

Colorado Hemp Industries Association
New West Genetics
Friends of Hemp
Indiana HIA
National Animal Supplement Council
Industrial Hemp Program Coordinator
Vorhes Farms
NY State Department of Agriculture and Markets
Colorado Department of Agriculture
High Plains Nutrition
Salt Creek Hemp Company
Hemp Industries Association
North Carolina Department of Agriculture
Hoban Law Group Colorado Livestock Association
University of Kentucky
Colorado State University

The Hemp Feed Coalition needs YOUR HELP!

We are developing partnerships with agencies, non profit organizations and universities to meet these goals and open new markets in animal feed to industrial hemp. Want to help? We will are collecting tax-deductible donations to raise the estimated $300,000 for a single FAP and 96% of all monies raised will go directly to this mission!

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